International Underground is a place for stories from around the world, giving a voice to people whose experiences often go untold. From manual laborers to food vendors, farmers to migrant workers, and the many faces in between, we strive to cover the hardships and triumphs of the under-reported. Our multimedia stories offer readers a deeper understanding of people who lead quiet, hard-working lives in all corners of the globe.

We also want to be a place for expats, freelance writers, photographers and multimedia artists to gather their skills together to tell vivid and moving stories in all shapes and mediums. No matter where you are, we’d love to help you get your story out to the world. Linking people and cultures together the world over with video, text, photos, audio, and any other manner of storytelling, we want to encourage more thoughtful coverage of people who otherwise are invisible in society. We hope you find the untold stories of the world are sometimes the most important ones to tell.

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