A Sunday at Seoul’s Raphael Clinic

Every Sunday a group of volunteers, ranging from doctors and social workers to teenagers and medical students, work together to run the Raphael Clinic, a hospital offering free medical services to foreign workers. The Raphael Clinic serves immigrants from all over the world. Located in the Hyehwa-dong area of Seoul, South Korea, on Sundays a lively community of Filipinos convene in this neighborhood to attend the Catholic Church, buy goods at the street side market, and get a checkup at the clinic in a weekly ritual that brings with it a dose of cultural diversity. Read the corresponding article.
Text by Danielle Harms. Photos by Anna Waigand and Danielle Harms.
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  2. Nancy Harms says:

    Great pics Danielle! Keep it up!

  3. marian says:

    it’s a very nice to hear this good news. do you also have dental service?

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